Muslim Woman Rants On Facebook About Fellow Muslims Demanding More Food Stamps For Halal Food


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A Muslim woman in Georgia took to Facebook to express her distaste with her fellow Muslims who are asking for more money in food stamps.

Imgur user SlowThunder posted a screenshot of his friend’s Facebook rant on the image sharing site after, as he noted, someone commented and asked how to make it go viral.

“My Muslim friend posted this great comment on FB,” wrote the user. “As soon as I read the highlighted comment I was like– Umm….Imgur?”

In the Facebook post, the unnamed woman criticizes her fellow Muslims in Georgia who are protesting to get more money per month from the government for food stamps so that they can afford Halal foods.

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“The government is not in control of private enterprise,” writes the woman in the post. “If Halal foods aren’t in demand where you shop, you are not a victim of depravation. You are a victim of supply and demand economics. If you truly have trouble getting Halal foods, ASK you mosque. Ask the Islamic community…but don’t make demands in the face of charity.”

After the screenshot was posted on Imgur, it went viral, as SlowThunder had projected, and while many agreed with her point of view, others vehemently disagreed.

“Muslim here, if they’re poor and can’t afford food then they don’t need to bust their ass searching for halal food,” said one user.

“Im [sic] a muslim too, its really frustrating the loudest muslims are those who do not understand our religion,” wrote another user. “Live for peace, live in moderation.”

Still, others seemed to disagree, especially with the woman’s point that Muslims should be grateful for what they get, especially coming from a Christian nation like the United States.

“I’m pretty anti-religion, but I disagree with this. I don’t like the argument to ‘deal with it’ because most of the US is Christian,” another user noted.

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The woman who originally posted on Facebook, Emina Dedić, reached out to Opposing Views to reveal herself.

Sources: IJReview, Imgur


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