Muslim Woman Called 'Taliban' During Interview About Anti-Muslim Candidate (Video)

Republican Louis Tafoya is running against New Mexico State Rep. Georgene Louis (D), but Tafoya is raising eyebrows by sharing some anti-Muslim statements and links on his Facebook page.

Tafoya’s Facebook page includes a link titled, “Pedophilia & Islam," noted Progress Now New Mexico.

Tafoya also shared a post on Facebook that all religions can get along, except for Muslims (video below).

The GOP candidate refused to comment about his Facebook posts, but Khadija Chudnoff, a member of the University of New Mexico's Muslim Student Association, told KRQE, "New Mexico deserves somebody who is going to check their facts before they click, ‘share,’ on their Facebook page. This is something a teenager would do. It’s not something someone searching for political office should be doing.”

“As New Mexicans, as people who have lived through this, we should be aware of this kind of hateful rhetoric and we shouldn’t allow it,” added Chudnoff.

During her interview with KRQE, Chudnoff was called “Taliban” by an unidentified passerby. She wiped away tears as the interview continued.

Sources: Progress Now New Mexico and KRQE


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