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Muslim Woman And Her Alleged Lover Stoned To Death By Her Husband For Supposed Affair

A woman and her alleged lover were stoned to death by the woman’s husband and an angry mob in the small Pakistani province of Balochistan, and now, the husband and others have been arrested.

According to reports, the woman’s husband approached a local cleric to ask him to approve the stoning. Once he gave them permission, the mob led by Hayat Bibi’s husband found her alleged lover Daraz Khan, 25, and took him to be stoned to death. Bibi, 27, who went into hiding when the affair was discovered a week earlier, finally came forward after learning that Khan had been captured.

Bibi was forced to watch Khan be brutally stoned to death before the rocks were thrown at her. In Pakistan, death by stoning is legal, but only if a federal or provincial court passes it. In this case, neither approved the stoning, so both are being considered murders rather than sentences for a crime.

“It is a shameful act and the people involved in stoning the man and the woman will be brought to justice,” said Sarfaraz Bugti, the interior minister for Balochistan.

Now, Bibi’s husband, the cleric, and four others that were involved have been arrested and charged with murder. All could face the death penalty for the charges, but reports say that it is unlikely that will actually happen.


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