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Muslim Teens Say NYPD Beat Them in Park

Three Muslim teens were arrested by the NYPD last Thursday night in an incident that some say was anti-Islamic harassment.

Lamis Chapman, 12, and Khalia Wilson, 14, were playing handball in a neighborhood  park at 9:30 p.m. when NYPD police officers asked the girls for identification.

“They said they asked for ID, but I didn’t hear them,” Wilson told the New York Daily News.

A male police officer reportedly put Wilson in a choke hold, while a female officer pushed Chapman to the ground. The police allegedly removed their hijabs (Muslim headscarves).

“I kept saying, ‘I’m 14! What are you doing? We’re not bad kids,’” recalled Wilson.

The girls’ brother Shytike Wilson arrived at the scene at the same time as police reinforcements: “I asked them why my sisters were in handcuffs. They charged me, picked me up, and slammed me on the floor.”

College student Jonathan Harris said he started to record the officers, one of whom yelled. “Come here, you little mother------. You like recording?”

Harris says he was tackled by a police officer, who pushed his face in the ground, put him in an armlock and pepper-sprayed him. 

Harris said a police officer screamed: “Where’s the phone? I'll break your arm."

The student was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing a government function.

A source with the NYPD claims: “The officers told the kids to leave [the park] when they began to act disorderly.”

Source: New York Daily News


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