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Muslim Teen Called a 'Terrorist' and Spat on by Man on New York City Bus

A young Muslim woman was threatened by a white man who called her a “terrorist” on a Queens, N.Y. city bus while the other passengers stood by.

15-year-old Aya Mohammad had just gotten on a Q88 bus in Flushing when the man next to her, a middle-aged white man, started cursing at her because her bag accidentally brushed against him.

“He kept cursing, terrorist and stuff," said the girl, who wears a headscarf.

“He held his fist, and said, ‘do you think I'm afraid to hit you? I will kill you.’”

Mohammad is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

The victim of what police are terming a hate crime told WABC that she was “shivering” and couldn’t even dial her father’s phone number because she was so scared of the man, who spat on her three times.

"He kept cursing & 'oh, you Muslim piece of ----, you're a terrorist,'" the teen described.

The New York Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force is searching for the man, the New York Post reports.

Not one passenger on the packed bus said a word. The man eventually got off at Queens College before Mohammad.

"They were laughing,” the girl said of the other passengers’ reaction. “What if that were your daughter? Wouldn't you stand up for her?"

Sources: DNAinfo, WABC, New York Post


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