Muslim Student Told By Teacher To ‘Go Back To Iraq’ For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance Due To Broken Leg (Video)


A Las Vegas teacher has been accused by a family of racially profiling a Muslim student after she reportedly told the child to “go back to Iraq.”

A father and son, whose identities have been withheld, said they were shocked by what the teacher said to the freshman student at Cimarron-Memorial High School, the Daily Mail reported.

The concerned parent described how his son came home from school and immediately told him about the incident.

“His words to me, verbatim were, ‘My teacher told me that this is America, and if you can’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in my class, you can go back to Iraq,’” the dad told KTNV News.

The student was wearing a leg brace because of a wrestling practice injury. He said that he was in too much pain to stand during the pledge.

He added that the unnamed teacher knew that he was suffering from an injury and other students also remained in their seats.

“At first I didn’t want to say anything because I was confused and I didn’t know that a teacher would say something about that,” the child told the TV station.

When the outraged father paid a visit to Cimarron-Memorial, he was told by the school’s principal that the teacher would be disciplined but didn’t give any specifics.

“If appropriate, the district will take necessary administrative action,” the Clark County school district said in a statement.

The teacher told school officials a different story, but students who witnessed the incident are saying the boy was telling the truth.

“I felt his pain,” one student wrote in a note. “I took offense of that. I knowtices (sic) that she called him a terrorist. I was very mad at what she said.”

Meanwhile, the father insists the teacher made racially-charged comments to his son.

“Our Islamic beliefs have nothing to do with our patriotism,” the father said.


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