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Muslim Man Yells At Woman On London Train For Putting Her Feet On An Empty Seat (Video)

Video (below) of a heated scene from the London Overground train emerged on YouTube, in which a Muslim man yells at a woman for putting her feet up on the train's seats. 

Ruby Butler, 27, was riding the train when she put her feet up on an empty seat. A Muslim man sitting nearby quickly stormed over to voice his opinion on what she was doing. The man told her she "should be in prison."

He continued to yell at her, saying, "I can't sit there and I cannot pray with my clothes, OK? And I travel every day." 

Other passengers on the train tried to calm the man down. One passenger told the man that he understands his frustration and that the woman was "just not worth arguing with." 

After that comment, Butler agreed with the passenger, saying, "It's absolutely not, I'm tired and I've had a long day."

He continues to yell at Butler. "You should be in prison!" he said. 

Butler responded, "What? For putting my feet on a chair?"

"Yes," he said.

Apparently the man's outrage is because having one's feet on a place where a Muslim could sit is considered rude. Muslims should not sit where unclean feet have been. Knowing that other Muslims could possibly sit there in the future may be what promoted his frustration.

As the argument continues, another passenger from the other end of the train car shouts at the man, "This is England." 

"Don't argue with me," he replied. "I'm born here, OK? I have as much right as you have, OK."

Before the man gets off the train, the Muslim man threatens to call the police on her.

"I don't have the same religion as you sir, I pray with my shoes on," she told the man. "I pray with my shoes on. Every day. I pray with my shoes on, I am Christian."

"But I am a Muslim I can't pray with you, OK?" he responded.

Butler told him that England is not a Muslim country before the train doors opened and they went their separate ways. 

Sources: Mad World News, Breitbart, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Mad World News


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