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Muslim Inmates Demand Better Ramadan Food, Win Lawsuit Over 'Religious Discrimination'


Two Muslim Inmates, Anas Dowl and Ernest Jacobsson recently sued the Alaska Department of Corrections for being provided with “dangerously meager” Ramadan meals, and that they were “being starved” because of the servings.

The Alaska Department of Corrections originally accommodated their request of being prepared a separate meal for the Ramadan fasting season, where the pair insisted for separately prepared Halal food at sundown and before sunrise for 30 days.

Most of the meals all consisted of a beverage, fruit, some vegetables, meat and dessert, but the two inmates believed the food was lacking as they were going to fast for the whole day and that the meals did not sustain them for the duration of the fast.

According to Anchorage News, after filing a lawsuit to the prison citing religious discrimination and inhumane treatment, the two inmates will now receive $102,500 because the incident. The Alaska Department of Law and the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The lawsuit also alleged that the two inmates have been served with pork bologna sandwiches, although the DOC mentioned that the deli meat was actually made of halal Turkey, ensuring them that their religious rights were never violated in the first place.

The new settlement from the CAIR explains that the Alaska Department of Law and Council will undergo new changes in an attempt to help accommodate the inmates’ Muslims beliefs, which even allows the inmates to pray - and that the CAIR will now provide “religious sensitivity training” to the prison employees further on.

The CAIR attorney Carolyn Homer as well as the DOC public information officer Sarah Gallagher are both very pleased that the Alaska Department of Corrections helped them approve the settlement.

“CAIR has been pleased that the Alaska Department of Corrections took this case seriously from the very beginning and made immediate changes,” Homer stated.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google, AJ+

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