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Muslim Girl Claims Classmate Did Something Shocking

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A Los Angeles high school student said she was the target of abuse, particularly in regard to her hijab, since President-elect Donald Trump won Nov. 8.

Mariam Nomair, 16, was reportedly targeted for her Muslim religion in the past, but said that it began to get worse after the election, reports Florida NewsGrio.

“He like grabbed me by my bun and my hijab and tried to pull it off,” she said, Daily Mail reported. “He was like, 'You shouldn't be wearing that, you towelhead. You're not American. This isn't America. This isn't what America stands for.'” 

School officials were on Mariam’s side in regard to the harassment, but she decided to tell her story, anyway. Hers is just one incident of many that have come out since the election.

“We're getting attacked for no reason. I've done nothing wrong ... and I don't understand why I'm being attacked because of it,” she said. “I'm still scared to this day going into school or walking on the streets knowing that I'm a threat. People see me as a threat when I'm not really a threat at all. I've done nothing wrong at all to deserve this.”

Mariam’s story quickly went viral, with many claiming that her story was fabricated.

“She has already been proven to be a hoaxer. The police have charged her with false accusation. Look it up,” one reader commented. 

Others were more sympathetic over the alleged act of hatred.

“My heart aches when I see stories like this. All I can do is raise my children to not have hate in their hearts for anyone. I think I have done that. I pray for us all,” one reader wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, Florida NewsGrio / Photo credit: KABC via Daily Mail

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