Muslim Family Faces Threats After Some Notice Islamic Flag Outside Their Home


A Muslim family in Lewisville, Texas, is facing extreme backlash from locals over an Islamic flag they displayed outside their home.

According to The Lewisville Texan, the family, which practices the Shia sect of the Islamic faith, has displayed a flag that honors their particular Islamic subscription for the past eight years. The flag features white writing on a black background, which is often associated with the terrorist group ISIS. However, there are vast differences between the extremist group’s flag and the one this family has chosen to display.

The Lewisville Texan says that the family’s flag reads, “Ya Abbas Alamdar,” meaning, “Oh Abbas, standard-bearer” in honor of the Abbas, the grandson of Mohammed, who Shias believe to be a martyr. In contrast, the most common flag flown by ISIS, a Sunni extremist organization, translates to “There is no God but God and Mohammed is His Messenger.”

Still, despite the differences between the flags, locals in the small Texas community were outraged, and the family only realized their flag had caused a problem when people flooded to the home to snap pictures and journalists showed up at their door.

Online, Lewisville residents took to social media to blast the family for their flag, with one man threatening to burn down their house. It’s not clear if police have questioned the man who threatened the family.

“Prior to the Facebook incident we have not had any dangerous threats, just people asking questions about the flag in a completely harmless manner," Nisa, an 18-year-old college student and member of the family, told The Lewisville Texan, noting that they have lived in Texas since 2000. "Several weeks ago a news reporter from WFAA Channel 8 News came to ask about the flag and what it represented because she saw threatening posts on Twitter. We have had this flag on top of our house for about 8 years and nobody has ever complained about it.

“This new uprising of ISIS in the Middle East is causing everyone to jump to conclusions and connect any Islamic writing to ISIS (which does make sense) but again I wanted to clarify that we are of no harm to anyone,” Nisa continued.

Lewisville Police Chief Russell Kerbow told The Lewisville Texan that from a law enforcement perspective they are not concerned about the incident.

Sources:The Lewisville Texan, The Barking Atheist / Photo Source: The Lewisville Texan


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