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'Muslim Faith Is Stronger' Than Christian, Writes Student; Mother Concerned About School's Teaching Methods

The mother of a freshman student at Porter Ridge High School in Union County is concerned over the way at least one class has been teaching its students about Islam.

A worksheet from the student’s class featured fill-in-the-blank questions about the size of Islam; it asked students to identify how many Muslims there are in the world (1.2 billion) and asked students to describe Islam. This particular student described it as the “fastest growing” religion in the world.

It was not these questions, however, that the mother was upset about.

Instead, the mother, who asked to remain anonymous, focused on a question that asked the student to compare Muslims to Christians. In response, the student had written, “Most Muslims faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

My Fox Carolinas reports that the mother called the school to see if they would teach Christianity in a similar way. The school, however, didn’t give her an answer about how they would teach the topic; her son told her they had skimmed Christianity in class.

Although the State Board of Education (SBE) sets the course standards for the class, a representative from The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction sent My Fox Carolinas a statement noting that the NC Standard Course of Study dictates “what students should know and be able to do at the end of a grade or course.”

“The SBE does not dictate what curriculum and/or instructional materials should be used to teach the standards,” the representative continued. “Those are local school district decisions.”

A Union County Schools spokesperson indicated that the school’s principal had said the students would be studying Christianity in greater depth in a couple weeks.

The spokesperson also noted that students fill in the blanks on the worksheet on their own, and that the answers they come up with are not necessarily the intended answers. Despite several requests, the school has not provided My Fox Carolinas with a complete and correct version of the worksheet.

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Photo Sources: My Fox Carolinas, Online Athens


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