Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Throw 3 Teens Off Building (Graphic Video)


Islamic supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were caught on video throwing three young men off of a building during clashes between opponents and supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi in Alexandria, Egypt.

The video was uploaded on Saturday, but may have been recorded on Friday when 46 people died in Egypt.

The young men were celebrating Mursi being overthrown. In an apparent act of revenge, the Muslim Brotherhood supporters threw them off the building, noted

Hamada Badr died while his two friends were seriously injured.

“Do you know the teen that they killed and disfigured his body and threw from the fifth floor is only 19 and four days,” Mohammed Badr, Hamada's father, told el-Watan News.

“All he was guilty of was that he was on the roof of the building, celebrating the ouster of Mursi. But the Brotherhood waged a war against whoever was celebrating Mursi’s departure!”

One Islamist carried a black al-Qaeda flag near the building where Hamada was killed, reports the Daily Mail.


Sources: and Daily Mail


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