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Muldrow High School May Face Lawsuit over Ten Commandments Plaques

The school board of an Oklahoma high school will meet on Monday to discuss what to do after receiving complaints about the Ten Commandments plaques that hang in each of the school's classrooms.

After an anonymous student from Muldrow High School contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the group threatened to sue if the plaques are not taken down. The school board now has to decide how to proceed.

Pastor Shawn Money of Muldrow First Assembly of God and the Muldrow Ministerial Alliance said that he thinks hundreds of people will show up for the meeting. He also said that, although he wants the plaques to remain in the classrooms, school administrators have told him that their legal sources say the Ten Commandments cannot be in the public classrooms and will be taken down, KJRH reported.

The community has been rallying ever since FFRF made its threat.

"It's Christianity under attack," said Muldrow First Baptist Church Pastor John Moore. "It was promised in the scripture [that this would happen].

Local politicians have also been weighing in on the situation.

"A nation that refuses to allow educators to teach children right from wrong will become a corrupt nation, where sin prevails, evil abounds, and everyone does as they please," said Republican state Rep. John Bennett.

The student who started it all thinks that his classmates have started to figure out that he was the one that complained.

"All I have received [since then] were dirty looks and an argument with a rather large linebacker," he wrote on Reddit. "I am not upset at that because I expected that, what I am upset about is the fact that my little sister has been yelled at by a school bus full of brainwashed children."

Sources: KJRH, The Huffington Post


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