In a response to Pope Francis’ recent comments on tolerance, Catholic League president Bill Donohue told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday that “Less than 5 percent of the priests involved in molestation are pedophiles.” Rather, Donohue insisted that they were simply gay.

According to Donohue, “When men have sex with adolescent men, it’s called homosexuality. It is not pedophilia.”

Donohue was discontent with the Pope’s assertion that the church must overcome its “obsession” with homosexuality and abortion, and work toward making the Catholic Church a “home for all.”

This is not the first time Donohue has expressed such views. In 2010, he responded to a molestation crisis saying, “It’s not pedophilia… most of the victims were post pubescent.”

Donahue commented, “As far as I’m concerned, the Catholic Church didn’t handle this right. I would have put these guys in the slammer a long time ago. Instead, they think they can reform them. They sent them off to the psychiatrist.”

He then went on to bash Democrats and the American government, saying, “This is the problem with the left. They're trying to take what he says and then run with it … [saying] bishops are on the defensive now because they're concerned about abortion, contraception -- and gay right or gay marriage.”

“No, no, no. The Obama administration is the one who's hoisting this on the bishops … There is nothing that Pope Francis has said that would give any relief to these people who are saying all of the sudden now the conservatives should shut up.”

Donohue also pointed to Jews in Hollywood for portraying his religion in a negative light. He said, “Is it the Vietnamese who are making movies in Hollywood? Is it the Puerto Ricans who own Hollywood? …  I’m talking about secular Jews, who run the Hollywood studios, who make anti-Catholic movies! What is so absurd that?”

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