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Parents to Keep Kids Home from School on Pro-Gay "Day of Silence"

SACRAMENTO, CA --, a leading pro-family, pro-child organization, is calling upon parents of children in public schools to keep their kids home during this Friday's disruptive "Day of Silence."

On Friday, April 15, students participating in the "Day of Silence" will wear pro-homosexuality T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, refuse to answer teachers' questions in classrooms, make it difficult for other students to concentrate, and generally take over school campuses for the entire day.

School administrators have frequently denied sponsoring, participating in, or allowing the "Day of Silence," but are nonetheless allowing students to be silent without consequences. Even some teachers will "go silent," writing pro-homosexuality messages on boards, and setting up classroom displays to teach impressionable children that aggressive homosexual activists are "victims"; that more laws promoting their agenda are needed, when there are already numerous laws prohibiting physical harassment of students; and that homosexuality is natural and healthy, when it is actually unnatural and unhealthy. (Sources: NARTH: Is there a "gay gene"? and American College of Pediatricians: Health risks of the homosexual lifestyle)

"Parents who are hearing about 'Day of Silence' are appalled this immoral takeover is happening," said President Randy Thomasson. "They don't want their children subjected to in-your-face sexual indoctrination, so they're keeping their kids home. Because school districts are allowing this brainwashing during the entire school day, morally-sensitive parents are counter-protesting by removing both their child and the child's ADA funding on Friday."

See's website urging parents to "just walk out" of the "Day of Silence."

According to the "Day of Silence" website, three years ago some 8,000+ elementary, middle, and high schools participated, as well as some colleges.

As the homosexual activists themselves explain

"The Day of Silence is a perfect tool for creating change. We wanted a queer-friendly prom, and after showing that many students and staff care -- we got a queer-friendly prom. We said we wouldn't be silenced and we won't."

See the rest of this news release here.


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