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Mom Takes Dying Teen Off Life Support. An Hour Later, The Nurse Sees A Ghost On The Security Camera


Ever since Chelsea Brown was born, she faced medical issues. Because she was five weeks premature, doctors had to work around the clock to make sure she survived her first few months. But even after she was released from the NICU and discharged from the hospital, Chelsea was not free and clear. Although she was able to do all the things other girls could do, she began to face more serious medical problems as she grew older.

2008 was a pivotal year for both Chelsea and her mother, Colleen. That’s when Colleen recognized the inevitable – that her fourteen-year-old daughter’s health was on the rapid decline. Because of her life-long medical problems, Chelsea came down with a case of double pneumonia. But that was not all. Other parts of her body began, and she experienced a collapsed lung, staph infection, and kidney failure.

Doctors were forced to put Chelsea on life support since she could no longer take breaths in on her own. They were forced to admit to Colleen that Chelsea did not seem to have much of a future.

After some more time, doctors told her there was no point. That’s when Colleen was left with a tough choice. She could either allow her daughter to flounder on life support or she could set her free. Colleen chose the latter, deciding to order the doctors to take her daughter off life support so she could be free of this world and take her place in heaven.

With her entire family gathered around, Chelsea was removed from life support. The family was all in tears as they lost the delightful teen to the series of health complications.

But then something miraculous happened. About an hour after Chelsea was taken off life support and she died, something appeared on the hospital’s security camera recording. It was a bright white light, hovering just outside of the room where Chelsea had battled for her life. The light was big and seemed to be sentient. After thoroughly reviewing the footage, no one could figure out what it was or where it came from.

As soon as the nurses saw the white light on the monitor, they rushed toward Chelsea’s old hospital room. They yearned to see the angelic “apparition” with their own eyes. But they could not see it in the flesh. The bright light was only on the security camera monitor. It was something that was appearing only through the camera’s lens.

After the nurses went to check out the light, they knew they needed to show Colleen. The nurses could not decipher the meaning of the angelic light, but they knew that Colleen would want to see it nonetheless. She’d be able to place meaning onto it if no one else could.

Colleen knew from the beginning that it was an image of an angel. Something had arrived for Chelsea, but no one could have guessed what would happened next.

Colleen and the rest of the family gathered in Chelsea’s room where they witnessed the unthinkable as another miracle occurred.

Sources: Reshareworthy / Photo Credit: Post Image

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