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Mom: School Bus Driver Told Son He's Going To Hell (Video)

A Polk County, Florida, mom says a school bus driver told her 7-year-old son that he was going to hell for supporting his mom's gay relationship (video below).

Natalie Encarnacion told WFLA that her son missed his regular bus home from his elementary school in early February, and had to get on a different bus:

He mentioned [to the bus driver] he was hoping his two mom’s wouldn’t be upset that he was home so late. And [the female bus driver] said, "Two moms?" And he said, "Yeah, two moms." And she said, "Well, God doesn’t like that," then she went on and on telling him how he wouldn’t make it into heaven and there is a such thing as hell.

According to Encarnacion, the bus driver gave her son a Jehovah’s Witnesses card.

"Later on that night, he explained why we should not be together anymore," Encarnacion said. "He is absolutely [questioning] this now, something we have so smoothly transitioned into and never had any issues."

Encarnacion recalled that she contacted the Polk County School Board, but has not received a reply. She also contacted children's services, but the agency did not find any neglect was involved.

School board spokesperson Jason Geary identified the driver to WFLA as Violeta Jacobo, said the incident is still under review and that Jacobo was spoken to about following an ethical conduct code.

Encarnacion said: "It’s shocking and it’s infuriating to know that nobody is doing anything about it. Just the thought that she could do this to other kids."

WFLA's Facebook page was filled with comments from passionate viewers:

I bet there are a lot of gay people in heaven. God is not the one that discriminates. This woman had no right to open her mouth. Am I gay. No. So this is not a gay person sticking up for themselves but someone that truly believes god created everyone to be equal!

Why can't people just stay in there own lane!! I have gay don't make them any less worthy than strait people! Like I tell everyone sweep around your own door before you go judging others!! People are so close minded!!

While the bus driver should be able to have her beliefs, she has no right to impose those beliefs off on others, especially a child. She should be relieved of her job.

Biblically I have to agree with the evaluation of homosexual coupling equals a journey to Hell - I'm not a bible type fella but that's the Biblical reality. Personally, I say "poor kid" having to deal with these issues at such an early age. The bus driver was wrong to impose his/her personal beliefs while at work.

Sources:  WFLA, WFLA/Facebook / Photo Credit: AlenIstokovic/Panoramio

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