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Mom Of Girl Who Was Shot: 'God Directed That Bullet' (Video)

Morgan Kuiper, 11, was accidentally shot in Jamestown Township, Michigan, on April 15. Her mom believes God directed the wayward bullet (video below).

Missy Kuiper recalled to WOOD that her daughter was jumping on the family trampoline when the incident happened:

All of a sudden we hear this panicked scream. ... She ran up the steps. … She just said, "My arm is numb, my arm is numb, I can’t feel my arm." And she was bleeding a little bit in the shoulder. Not a ton. We didn’t know what to think what it was until she had said, "I had heard some gunshots."

Morgan's parents took her to Mercy Health Saint Mary's hospital. The young girl was transferred to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital where doctors performed surgery on her wound on April 16.

Missy said: "It was something that will never happen again, and we believe that God directed that bullet to go to her but into the right spot that nothing was damaging."

The bullet hit Morgan in her left upper back, and got stuck in a place where it would not be deadly.

Hib Kuipe, the girl's father, told Michigan Live: "[The bullet] came in right on her side between the two nerves, right next to her artery. It lodged, thankfully, there and didn't puncture the artery."

"It looked like the bullet was right through the artery," Missy added. "It was touching it, but it didn't even bruise it. We're so thankful."

"We're thankful to God that he had the bullet go to that spot rather than the head or the lungs."

Missy recalled how her daughter has been in good spirits since being shot:

She was in such good spirits the whole time. She was awesome, she's a tough little girl. She was a little shocked by the whole situation. After all she's been through, we're settling in home. She'll like that. We're glad that she's home We're thankful to God for everything he's did for us.

Authorities believe that the shot came from some people doing target practice nearby.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office has reportedly located three people who were engaging in some shooting in the area at the time of Morgan's injury, reports WOOD.

People who live in the area said that it was not uncommon to hear gunshots, but noted the gunshots were fired rapidly when Morgan was hit.

According to Jamestown Township officials, there are no laws against firing guns on private property.

Sources: WOOD, Michigan Live / Photo credit: teteria sonnna/Flickr

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