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Mom Angry That Teacher Won't Let Daughter Write About God

Erica Shead says her 10-year-old daughter Erin wasn’t allowed to write about God for a school assignment at Lucy Elementary in Memphis, Tenn.

Erin was told to write about her "idol" and picked God, but was reportedly told that God could not be the subject.

“It was so cute and innocent. She talked about how God created the earth and how she’s doing the best she can,” Erica told WREG.

Erica recalled Erin telling her: “But my teacher said I couldn’t write about God. She said It has something to do with God and God can’t be my idol."

However, when Erin chose pop star Michael Jackson, who died of a drug overdose in 2009, that choice was deemed acceptable by the teacher.

Erica met with the school principal on Wednesday and said she asked: “How can you tell this baby, that’s a Christian, what she can say and what she can’t say?”

“I told the principal this morning, ‘Would it be better if she wrote about Ellen Degeneres?’ Of course there was no comment,” added Erica.

A school spokesman said teachers can’t promote religion, but students should be able to write assignments about any God or religion.

The principal is expected to rule on the controversy soon.

Source: WREG


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