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MMA News: Hamill Retires, Fedor Doesn't; Couture Returns

After 14 fights and six years in the sport, Matt Hamill is retiring from mixed martial arts. Hamill announced his decision on his website,

“Today is a sad day for me. After six years and 13 fights in the UFC I’m ready to hang up my gloves and retire from this amazing sport…The UFC has been extremely good to me and given me an opportunity to make a great living. That exposure has allowed me options outside the Octagon as well. I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore and my last two performances have shown that…I want to thank Dana White, Joe Silva Lorenzo Fertitta and everyone at the UFC for the opportunity to make something special out of my life. Thank you to Duff, Holmes, Bruno Tostes, Dave Kingwater, Renzo Gracie, Tim Greene, Daniel Gracie, Pat Popolizio, Ron Gross, Doug Blubaugh and Mark Dellagrotte. Thank you to all my training partners who have shared their blood sweat and tears with me along the way. Thank you to all my friends and family for their unconditional support and most of all thank you to my fans! It’s the fans that have made this the truly special experience it has been.”

It is a sad day. Even though he never reached the very top of the mountain, he did have a very good career and can hang his hat on that. I’m sure he’ll be missed, but he said he’ll still continue to train fighters and hopes to be an ambassador for the UFC. I think that would be perfect. Make it happen, Dana.

M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelstein stated in a press release that “The Last Emperor” will fight again. The plan is to fight in Russia in the fall and a possible New Year’s Eve event in Japan. “We consulted with Fedor and it was decided that he should not leave the sport in this way. His friends and past opponents support Fedor in continuing his career and he agreed. We want to organize a fight for Fedor in Russia and have already begun working in this direction. If everything goes as planned, we will produce a card in Moscow or St. Petersburg sometime in the fall with Fedor as the main event. In addition to the fight in Russia, we’re also working with our Japanese contacts to organize a New Year’s Eve event in Japan that Fedor would participate in as well.”

I really can’t stand this guy. Every time he opens his mouth I want to shut it with my fist. He’s a douchebag and he screwed Fedor’s career. I wonder if Fedor even wants to fight anymore or if this tool is “encouraging” him to do so.

Even though it was speculated that Chad Mendes broke his hand in victory at UFC 133, Mendes tweeted to the contrary. “[Nothing] is broken, but I do have torn/sprained in my hand [and] ankle. Still great news [though]! Should be fine in a few weeks!” This is great news. Had it been broken, he probably would’ve been past up as the next contender for the Featherweight Title. Now that everything is basically okay, he may be able to challenge the winner of Jose Aldo/Kenny Florian before the year is out.

According to, son of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, Ryan Couture, will return to action in Strikeforce this September as part of the Strikeforce Challengers 19 event on Sept. 23. Being the son of Randy Couture is going to net you attention, whether you want it or not. Ryan is only 2-1 as a professional and has some talent, but everything he does will be scrutinized.

Despite a report from stating they were close to a deal with Viacom to bring their events to Showtime and CBS, ProElite VP of event operations T. Jay Thompson told that’s simply not true. Thompson said they were talking to a lot of different television networks, and are hopeful to have a deal in place by the time their November event comes around. The November card is expected to be the start of their own heavyweight grand prix tournament, which will take place from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Well, they seem to be doing everything right for the time being. He also said that they would wait to crown champions until they get some fighters under their umbrella, which is smart. Guess we’ll see if they can stay afloat this time.


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