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MMA Fighters Bloody Opponents, Praise Jesus (Video)

MMA fighter Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Justino beat the hell out of Lina Lansberg on Sept. 24, but also paid tribute to Jesus Christ before the massacre in Brasilia, Brazil (video below).

According to The Christian Post, Justino entered the ring to a "beautiful worship song," held up her cross pendant and kissed the Christian symbol.

After acknowledging Jesus, Justino pounded Lansberg in the face, drove knees into her stomach and slammed her to the mat where she continued to beat her bloody until the referee stopped the match.

Former lightweight titleholder Benson Henderson used to say after pulverizing an opponent: "I can do all things through Christ," which is from Philippians 4:13 in the Bible, reported in 2015.

After middleweight contender Yoel Romero knocked out Lyoto Machida in 2015, Romero delivered a mini sermon: "What happened to you USA? What happened to you? What’s going on? You forget that the best of the best of the world, the name is Jesus Christ. What happened to you? Wake up USA."

Several people thought they heard the Cuban-born Romero also state: "Go for Jesus, not for gay Jesus, people," while others thought he said "not forget Jesus," reports ESPN.

UFC President Dana White was asked about Romero, and commented to MMA Fighting On SBN:

It wasn’t controversial at all, but the reality is this: you just won the biggest fight of your career. You know? America doesn’t want to hear your thoughts on Jesus. Keep that stuff at home: religion, politics, and all that stuff.

When you’re out there fighting and you’re being interviewed, they want to hear about the fight. It’s awesome that you love Jesus. Love Jesus all you want. You just don’t have to do it publicly.

White was asked about Romero's alleged controversial comments about gays, and replied: "I know he didn’t say that. I know he didn’t say it. Everybody knows he didn’t say that. People react to everything, but if you would just keep that stuff, talk about your fight. People don’t want to be preached to."

Sources: The Christian Post, MMAWeekly.comMMA Fighting On SBN/YouTube, ESPN / Photo credit: UFC on  Fox/YouTube

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