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Missouri Police Park Cars In Christian Cross Shape

The Greenwood, Missouri, Police Department parked their vehicles in the shape of a Christian cross, and posted a picture of the formation several times on their Facebook page Jan. 12.

The picture was posted (now since removed) with the captions: "Blessed Are The Peace Makers, Greenwood Police," and, "In God We Trust."

The reactions to the cross picture on Facebook were mixed:

God bless you guys and thank you for protecting or city.

Dear Greenwood Police Department, I have been very critical of you in the past and will be in the future, but this picture is so awesome thank you. This is what I went over there for. Thank you.

May God keep you all safe as you keep us safe.

And those of you who are defending this just try to imagine how you'd feel if cops were saying "In Satan We Trust." Or even "In Allah We Trust."

Government agencies should not be promoting religion. This is unconstitutional.

Does that mean your officers don't wear bulletproof vests and rely on thoughts and prayers instead of guns and tasers?

Wow some of the comments are so uncalled for! I like the pictures if you don't delete move on.

Cool, I am quite certain that some attorneys (including me) have screen printed this picture in case there's ever an issue with religious discrimination with either offenders or employees. Thanks for the gift!

Meanwhile, over in Joplin, Missouri, the school district suspended a Bible study that has been taking place at North Middle School, notes The Joplin Globe.

The American Humanist Association (AHA) sent the Joplin School District a letter in December 2016 that said the Bible study included teachers and clergy members leading the kids in Bible readings and prayer. The AHA also asserted that students were offered free doughnuts to attend the study.

The school insisted that the Bible study was voluntary and initiated by students, but the Joplin Globe notes that student-initiated groups are restricted to the "secondary" level -- grades grades nine through 12 -- per a state statute.

"Our staff was unaware of the policy update and its implication for this activity," the school district said on Jan. 6. "As a result, we have suspended the Bible study as it is currently organized."

Sources: Greenwood Police Department/Facebook, The Joplin Globe / Photo Credit: Greenwood Police Department/Facebook

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