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Mississippi Bill May Lead to Prayer in Public Schools

The Mississippi State House and State Senate have both passed different versions of the 'Schoolchildren’s Religious Liberties Act,' reports the Washington Times.

If a final bill can be worked out by both legislative bodies, then it will go to Republican Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature.

Republican Rep. Mark Formby claims the bill is needed because public schools are afraid of getting sued over religion, so they are suppressing students from religious speech.

“I’m not so much worried about what’s allowed as what’s disallowed,” Rep. Formby said. “I keep having parents come to me and complain. This would give clarity to the law. It doesn’t have to restore school prayer. It will allow children, on a voluntary basis, to pray or not to pray.”

Bear Atwood, the ACLU’s interim director, said the bill does far more than that. Atwood claims the bill will force children to listen to religious expressions at football games and graduation events.

A similar bill led judges to strike down a previous Mississippi law allowing student-led prayer.

Source: Washington Times


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