'Miracles From Heaven' Girl: Film Not Accurate (Video)

"Miracles From Heaven" is a film based on the real-life story of 12-year-old Annabel "Anna" Beam, who believes that she went to Heaven (video below).

Anna suffered from a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder (a digestive, intestinal problem) for years, but was seemingly cured after she fell out of a tree and allegedly traveled to Heaven, where she said Jesus foretold her healing.

A best-selling book of Anna's experience was written by her mother, Christy Beam, who is played by Jennifer Garner in the film.

During a recent interview with the Beam family, Anna was asked by The Christian Post if her experience in Heaven was like the film, which opens on March 16.

"No, it wasn't," Anna said. "In my experience, I didn't have to go on a journey to go to Heaven. I was just kind of ... there."

The movie reportedly shows Heaven as colorful magical foliage.

"In my experience, it was bright and it wasn't fields and things like that," Anna said.

Anna's father, Kevin, does feel the film shows their struggles:

It doesn't come across in the movie, but they were there for me probably way more than I was there for them; I mean, as a family, we just fed off of each other. This would be ... just a really hard week and Christy would be right there for me, Abby, Addeline even Anna. There were times when she's comforting me when I was trying to comfort her.

Ultimately it was a daily reset to say, "My family needs me to be strong." It doesn't mean that I wasn't challenged, it doesn't mean that I didn't question why things were happening, but I ultimately didn't question the source. I knew that God was ultimately in control. Never did I imagine that the outcome would be as beautiful as it was, but I knew that God knew.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, a movie-review site, the movie has a 65 percent average review rating, with critics stating:

"It's a good Christian film that plays to its audience and preaches the importance of neighborly values."

"This is not a film, at least as most filmmakers and audiences imagine the form. This is proselytizing, pure and simple."

"Miracles From Heaven goes about its business with a modesty and dignity you don't see much at the pictures these days."

"Miracles From Heaven occasionally wags a told-you-so finger at nonbelievers. But in a genre that tends to hector and bludgeon, that's some kind of improvement."

Sources: The Christian Post, Rotten Tomatoes / Photo credit: The Christian Post/YouTube

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