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'I Couldn't Believe My Eyes': Virgin Mary Appears To Move Her Lips In Church Painting (Video)


Hundreds of pilgrims are making the journey to a church that has a painting of the Virgin Mary whose mouth appears to be moving to join parishioners in prayer.

The painting -- which is being hailed as a miracle by many -- is inside of St. Charbel’s Church in Sydney, Australia. Video footage of the alleged miracle (shown below) depicts a congregation reciting the Lord’s Prayer. As they pray, the Virgin Mary’s mouth seems to move as if reciting the prayer along with them.

George Akary filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook.

“To clarify to the viewers, I saw this during mass and at the end of mass the rosary is prayed,” he said. “I went to the altar and wanted to confirm via recording it.”

Deniers of the alleged miracle claim that the event is the result of an optical illusion caused by the light as well as the moving camera.

However, Akary is firm in his convictions.

“Lights are not relevant as I have seen this occur under various lighting and have considered those possibilities,” he said. “It is what it is … I also did notice whilst the people were praying the lips sped up or slowed down to the prayer being said.”

Akary is not the only one to have captured the incident on video.

Kirsten Keirouz also uploaded a video of the painting onto her Facebook page on July 5.

"Once I looked up, I had no idea what they wanted me to look at and I saw her [the Virgin Mary] mouth moving," Keirouz said. "I then asked my friend; 'Is it her mouth?' She replied 'yes.' and then I got the shivers throughout my whole body.

"I couldn't believe my eyes, I kept blinking in case I was seeing things."

Source: Mirror, The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Mirror, Video Screenshot


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