Atheists Mock "Bird Droppings" Image of Virgin Mary


Another miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary has been reported, this time in Brian, Texas at the home of one Salvador Pachuca . Mr. Pachuca, who suffered an unidentified accident three months ago, states that the image of the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ appeared in the outlines of, well, bird droppings on his pick-up truck.

“I told my brothers come over here and see what this is and they say it is the Virgin,” he informed reporters.

Cristal Pachuca took photos which were promptly circulated. Since then, a steady stream the faithful have found their way to the Pachuca home; many seem convinced that this is a miraculous event, and that the outline and colors clearly resemble artistic renderings of the Virgin of Guadaloupe.

One is very much tempted to laugh heartily and indulge in the finest sarcastic humor. Reports of such apparitions are widespread and quite similar. The deities often appear on common household objects;  image of Jesus and/or his mom have been reported in surprising numbers, from taco shells and a kitchen cabinet in Phoenix, Arizona to a urine stain in the Mexico City subway and on the side of an office building in Florida. Many atheists and skeptics delight in such frivolous demonstrations of the alleged existence of supernatural deities — why not? — but to established religions, especially the Roman Catholic Church, they are a temporary embarrassment.

Think about it, however. Are bird doo-doo images of Mary really all that different from other stories of religious miracles which the church endorses? The Shroud of Turin is likely a fake, as are myriad pieces of the “Cross of Christ.” Other claims may be just as absurd. If it is foolishness and credulity to believe that Mr. Pachucas pick-up was the scene of a miracle bring hope to people, what about the tales of miracle cures at Lourdes Why believe that Jesus walked on water and multiplied loves and fishes, as is reported in the Bible?

Lessons abound here, yes, even in the smeared outlines of bird pooh. Just as with the recent apocalypse implosion of Harold Camping, where select texts from the Bible supposed prophesied the end of the world for last month, human beings often “see what we wish to see” if it is part of a deeply-held belief system. The Texas apparition supposedly occurred on on May 12, the anniversary day of the visit from the Virgin of Guadalupe. A family member says that they feel “protected,” and that this is a “blessing to our family.”

It may be; but if you were the Son of God or the Mother of Jesus, why choose such a peculiar way of bestowing blessings to help humanity?

If the image of the Virgin included a chemical formula for, say, a cancer cure, I’d be more receptive.

What are some of the Jesus-Mary-Joseph-God apparitions you’re familiar with? Which is the most absurd?

And, oh yes, if any of you are near Brian, Texas, why not drop in on the Pachuca household and ask to inspect the truck. Take photos, and send this blog a report. Be sure to bring an umbrella along — you never know who or what might drop in!


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