Minnesota State Rep. Kim Norton Introduces 'Universal Civil Union' Bill to Ban State-Mandated Marriage


Minnesota State Rep. Kim Norton (D) has added a third option to the gay marriage debate.

Currently, the Minnesota state legislature is considering two options for gay marriage: Legalizing it completely or allowing gay couples to have civil unions. Norton, however, believes that the third option, leaving marriage up to churches and making all couples have civil unions, is the most viable option, as she announced on Thursday.

"It makes certain that every Minnesotan couple gets a civil union in the state of Minnesota and that marriages are left to the churches that are offering them," said Norton. She argues that this law allows all couples to be treated equally according to the state.

The bill would take the state government out of the marriage business altogether, which is not the most popular opinion, but Norton expressed that she hasn’t heard an overwhelming consensus on any gay marriage decision from her constituents.

Initially, Norton supported the civil union side of the debate before deciding that it did not treat all couples equally.

Sources: KAALtv.com, Salon


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