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Minister Receives Hateful, Anonymous Note On Gay Marriage

Gilbert McBride, a minister from Arlington, Iowa, recently found an anonymous, hate-filled note (below) in his car, claiming his recently deceased wife died because he performs same-sex marriages. The note also told told McBride to kill himself.

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“As you may or may have not noticed is when your wife died, no one came and brought meals or even so much as condolences,” the note reads in part. “That’s because as a minister that performs gay weddings, you deserve all that bad that you brought upon yourself. Your wife died because God hates you for the abomination you have become by preaching His word while also catering to the queers.”

McBride’s wife died in January due to surgical complications, according to a crowd-funding page intended to help with her funeral expenses. "I have to deal with that, every single day. Every single day I have to find something to live for," he told KWWL.

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He added: "That's the worst possible thing you could tell a minister, that God hates you. That God took your wife because you performed a same-sex wedding."

McBride posted the note on Facebook and it has since gone viral, but he said he fears for his life. "It could be my neighbor and I don't know.”

Sheriff deputies believe the note is real and will launch an investigation into the matter.

Sources: KWWL, GoFundMe

Image via Facebook, GoFundMe


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