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Military Shouldn't Use Tax Dollars to Promote Religious Beliefs

In Cranston, R.I., there is a prayer banner displayed in a public high school.

Thi,s of course, is by no means the only example in our great nation of the government using its resources to promote the dominant religious belief in society.

In the military there are individuals who are paid for, in part by U.S. taxpayer dollars, to get the children of service members to attend religious services and activities.

What secular purpose is served by this? Clearly none. These religious education directors, if they wish to bring more people to their religion, can do it on their own -- not on the government dime.

I am a humanist and I was in the military. There are tens of thousands of humanists in the military, along with tens of thousands of Jews, Christians and other groups who would not agree with the religious activities of these groups.

Their rights should be respected.

Imagine if humanists, paid for by the government, were bringing children of devout Christians to activities where kids were told that one should think freely on issues and not resort to religious doctrine.

Imagine the outrage? While we are not the theocracy that is Iran or Saudi Arabia, we too often for our enlightenment foundation, intermingle religion and state.


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