Middle School Student in Baton Rouge Burns Teacher's Muslim Head-Covering


A 14-year-old was taken into custody earlier in October for setting a teacher on fire in a Baton Rouge, La., middle school.

Local newspaper The Advocate found out about the incident earlier this week, even though it is alleged to have occurred on Oct. 4. The teacher was reportedly wearing a hijab, a traditional head-covering worn by Muslim women.

Neither the teacher nor the juvenile student have been named publicly, but why Westdale Middle School did not at least make the incident public is not clear. The Advocate apparently got news of the incident from a police log.

The teacher, a substitute, reprimanded the student for some sort of bad behavior. Moments later, the student lit the teacher’s hijab on fire with a cigarette lighter. The teacher was not seriously hurt in the incident.

In fact, parents of other students at the school were not even told that the incident had happened. School officials contacted by local news outlets wouldn’t comment on why that was the case, either.

They did say that the student in question no longer attends Westdale Middle School and was expelled. The student faces charges of aggravated assault on a schoolteacher and was taken to a juvenile detention center after the incident took place.

No word on where this student is today, or if the 14-year-old has returned to school in another district.

School officials called it an “isolated incident.”

“It’s unfortunate that one student out of the almost 1,200 at Westdale made a bad, bad choice and faces some pretty serious consequences,” East Baton Rouge Parish Superintendent Bernard Taylor told The Advocate. “But it doesn’t change the fact that Westdale is a fine school.”

Sources: Baton Rouge Advocate, Fox 8 Live News, Muslim Updates


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