Middle-Aged Siblings Lived with Mother’s Skeleton for Three Years, Call Her a God

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Three siblings in Tokyo lived with their 88-year-old mother’s body for up to three years believing that she was not dead, but rather had become a God.

The two women, both 59, and their brother, 65, say they are not guilty of the crime of conspiring to abandon a body because their mother is actually still alive.

"Our mother has become a god. She is not dead but is in the process of being elevated into a higher being," the siblings told Usa police, according to Jiji Press.

A police spokesman said the skeleton appeared to be that of an 88-year-old woman, but that they await further confirmation from experts.

"We discovered today from an autopsy that the skeletonised body is that of a female who died two or three years ago, but we have to wait for the results if a DNA test to confirm her identity," the spokesman said.

Source: The National


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