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Michigan Pastor Who Failed To Report Suspected Child Abuse Protected By Law

A Michigan pastor who failed to tell officials about a suspected child abuse incident is protected by a law that allows clergy to keep confidential information secret.

State appeals courts unanimously decided that pastor John Prominski of Resurrection Life Church in Ionia could not be prosecuted because of the protective law, according to

In 2009, a mother told Prominski that she thought her husband was abusing her two daughters. Prominski did not alert authorities.

Two years later, following another case of abuse by the same man, the pastor told the mother that she had to contact police and threatened to alert them himself if she did not.

Police learned that Prominski did not alert authorities earlier after the abuse was reported in 2011.

"Although the mother did not make a confession, she had a similar expectation the communication would not be shared," appeals court judges said.

The judges said that Prominski was not legally required to report the suspected abuse.


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