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Mayor Of Warren, Michigan Announces Plan To Hand Out 'In God We Trust' Posters


A Michigan mayor plans to hand out posters emblazoned with the phrase "In God We Trust" in a public area. This is a response to a recent court battle he lost against various pro-secular organizations.

Mayor James Fouts of Warren, Michigan, has announced plans to hand out "In God We Trust" posters to passersby. 

As we previously reported, Fouts waged a legal battle against Warren citizen Douglas Marshall who wished to provide a "reason station" in City Hall. This was a response to the prayer stations that were there before. However, his stand provided literature about atheist thinking.

After Marshall won the court battle and was allowed to create the reason station, Mayor Fouts seemed happy enough claiming that it was a major win for the nativity scene that could now be displayed without trouble.

However, it would seem as though Fouts has more plans to fight secular thinking in his city, according to the Christian Times.

"Obviously, I was concerned about the court order that forced the city of Warren to have a reason station within our city hall atrium," Fouts told reporters at C&G in a statement. "The prayer station had been functioning for years without any problems or any controversy. They're now allowed to have an atheist station under the euphemistic guise of a reason station."

Fouts is adamant about his stance against the "reason station," claiming that it was not protected under the U.S. Constitution. 

"Freedom From Religion is not a religion," Fouts reportedly wrote to the atheist group last year. "It has no tenets, no place of worship and no congregation. To my way of thinking, your group is strictly an anti-religion group intending to deprive all organized religions of their constitutional freedoms or at least discourage the practice of religions. The city of Warren cannot allow this."

Source: Christian Times Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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