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Michigan Crowd Cheers When City Denies Muslims A Permit For Mosque (Video)

A crowd of people cheered tonight when the Sterling Heights, Michigan, planning commission voted 9-0 not to allow the building of a proposed  mosque (videos below).

People outside the Sterling Heights City Hall yelled, "No more mosque!" and "God bless America!"

The 20,500 square-foot Islamic house of worship would have been in a residential area, which opponents claimed would cause too much traffic and could be linked to Islamic extremism, notes WXYZ.

Mosque leaders reportedly offered to downsize the building, but to no avail.

"I think it is more about ignorance," Imam Mohammad Ali Elah, of the Islamic House of Wisdom, told FOX 2. "To be honest with you."

As people in the crowd cheered and shook their fists, local Muslims told WXYZ:

Looks like Iraq, not USA.

I'm very offended that this happened.

Doesn't seem like I'm in Sterling Heights, seem like I'm in Baghdad, that's not right. I'm afraid too.

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael C. Taylor said in a statement:

Sterling Heights has a solid reputation for inclusiveness and tolerance reflected in a wide variety of places of worship across the City, including a Sikh Temple, a Buddhist Temple and two existing Mosques.

Sources: WXYZ, FOX 2 / Photo Credit: WXYZ Screenshot


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