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Michigan Committeeman Dave Agema Slams Muslims, Adds to Record of "Moronic" Statements

LANSING, Mich. – On January 9, Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema gave the world yet more evidence of his bigotry. Posted on Facebook, his query was this time directed at Muslims: “Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?”

He followed the question with an anonymous blog post that highlights the work of the Catholic church and questions the contribution of Muslims in America. Agema urged readers that “even if you’re not Catholic you may find this eye opening.”

Responses from a wide array of people, many of them fellow Republicans, have shot back at Agema, effectively shaming his bigoted viewpoints.

“My Muslim father,” wrote Republican political consultant Joe Munem, “an internationally published author, 52 year math professor, business owner and gentleman farmer has done far more to contribute positively to the American way of life than you ever will.”

“When you spew stupid words about all Muslims, you attack my friends and members of our Party. Shame on you. Shame,” wrote Dan Pero, chief of staff to former Republican Gov. John Engler.

Agema’s disdain has been publicly directed at other groups, too. Recently, he made “inflammatory and inaccurate” statements about the gay community on not only Facebook, but also on a conservative radio station and at a holiday party. In one remark, he compared gays to alcoholics, and has stated that “gay people want free medical care because they have AIDS.”

After Agema’s comments on the radio show, State Republican Frank Foster stated, “Refuting everything Dave Agema said that was moronic…it would take up most of our time.”

Notably, while prominent Republicans “rebuked his statements”, none of them called for his resignation.

Agema, whose presence on the RNC has been referred to as “an embarrassment,” has served as a committeeman since 2012, and is scheduled to do so until 2016. Party rules do not allow for his removal from the post.

Here’s a better question for Agema to be asking himself: how does he see his own comments, posts and ideas as contributing positively to anything?


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