Michelle Obama 'Is An Evil Human Being' Say Christian Radio Hosts (Audio)


First lady Michelle Obama visited a Miami, Fla. community health center earlier this month to encourage people to sign up for health-care coverage via the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces.

CBS Tampa Bay notes that Obama praised the health clinic for helping uninsured Americans sign up for health-care coverage on HealthCare.gov.

“You’re changing lives. You realize that … Keep it up,” Obama said, “These places are not easy places to run, but you are doing God’s work.”

However, that comment set off an angry rant by Christian radio hosts/lawyers Mat Staver and Matt Barber on their "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast today, noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

"Michelle Obama, she spoke to so-called Obamacare counselors, people that are receiving taxpayer money, millions and millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars actually going to Planned Parenthood to sign up people for Obamacare, and she says 'you are doing God's work.' Quote 'you are doing God's work,'" claimed Staver.

In reality, Obama made her comments at the Jessie Trice Community Health Center, not Planned Parenthood, reported the Miami Herald.

"This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler," claimed Staver. "You're doing God's work? To what? To put people in these plans that actually kill children? That force employers to fund abortion and take innocent human lives? That's God's work? This is perverted. This is a perverted administration and a perverted president."

In reality, the ACA does not "kill children." The act only mandates coverage of abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life in danger, which is the same rule that governs Medicaid and the U.S. military, notes FactCheck.org.

"This is evil," warned Barber. "It's evil. And Michelle Obama, anybody who could say that, is an evil human being. Those are evil words, that's an evil sentiment, and I cannot believe that Michelle Obama would say that 'you're doing God's work' by dismembering alive innocent pre-born children. It is Hitlerian."

Obama never said that "dismembering alive innocent pre-born children" was "God's work."

Sources: FactCheck.org, Miami Herald, RightWingWatch.org, CBS Tampa Bay


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