Men Sentenced To Jail, Lashes Over Reported Naked Dance On Car


A court has sentenced four men to prison and lashes after one of the men was reportedly dancing naked on top of a vehicle and the incident was posted online.

The Saudi Arabian man who reportedly was seen on video dancing naked on the roof of a car was given a sentence that includes 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes, according to Mail Online.

Another man got seven years behind bars and 1,200 lashes and two more were sentenced to three years in jail and 500 lashes.

CNN reports that a criminal court in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia, handed down the verdict last week, according to the newspaper al-Sharq.

Fines totaling $13,000 were also handed down as part of the sentence.

The incident reportedly took place in Borayda, the capital of al-Qasseem province, northwest of the capital Riyadh, according to BBC News, which also reported that according to local media, the public prosecutor objected to what he called “light sentences.”

The men were initially charged with “dancing on a vehicle in public” and “violating public morals,” reports said. They have been given the right to appeal.

Al-Qasseem province is notoriously conservative, and religious police are said to be the most strict in the kingdom, reported Mail Online.

Under Saudi Arabia’s strict interpretation of Islam, instances of public indecency are considered serious offenses. 

Sources: CNN, BBC News, Mail Online


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