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Memphis Church Offers Program To Clean Community And End Poverty

A Memphis church is taking the revitalization of their community into their own hands.

The St. John Missionary Baptist Church in the Douglass Community of Memphis is taking it upon themselves to clean up the area and give local teens an important job to do in their free time.

The “Every Man for Every Man Revitalization Program” is funded by one-dollar donations from church members of the St. John MB Church and concerned members of the Douglass neighborhood who are looking to improve their community.

Pastor Torrie Wilson said that if everybody in Memphis donated just one dollar every month, they could potentially help put an end to poverty in the city and change the face of their community.

The program utilizes local teens from middle school to college age who are willing to spend their summer working for the community. The teens will be cutting grass at homes and in vacant lots, painting houses, and picking up trash, among other jobs.

The organizers of the program hope that this will help keep teens out of trouble, while also giving them paying jobs and beautifying the neighborhood.

"I'm out here to make a difference in my community,” said Douglass High School student Jebori Thomas. “Every Man for Every Man is a big organization project. You know that by showing youth we can also do it."

Pastor Wilson says that the church is still taking donations to pay for lawn equipment and other supplies and to pay the kids for their work.

He hopes that the program will inspire other churches and communities to do something similar in their own neighborhood and that they can continue the program in Memphis year-round.  

Sources: WREG Memphis, Local Memphis

Photo Credit: WREG Memphis


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