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Mel Gibson’s Father Hutton: Pope is a Homosexual

They certainly broke the mold when they created the Gibson clan.

Disgraced actor Mel Gibson’s father has hit the headlines after he reportedly called Pope Benedict XVI a homosexual during a radio interview over the weekend, TMZ reports.

Hutton Gibson recently appeared on the Political Cesspool Radio Program and took a stand against the Catholic Church, aiming directly at the Pope.

Asked why the Catholic Church does not publicly address homosexuality, a voice believed to be Hutton’s says: “It is not willing to do so because half the people there in the Vatican are queer,” the patriarch replied.

The interviewer then asked if he believed Benedict was homosexual.

“I certainly do. Why else would he put up with this?,” Hutton replied.

He also called the Pope “a slippery character” and claimed he is part of a conspiracy to “destroy the Catholic Church”.

Hutton, 91, is no stranger to controvery. During a 2003 interview he claimed the Holocaust never happened, and that the September 11 terrorist attacks were executed by remote control.

TMZ has a snippet of Hutton’s interview here

Oh, the scandal!


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