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Megapastor Apologizes, But Doesn't Admit Saying N-Word (Video)

Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble was recorded on video giving a 2014 Christmas Eve sermon in which some observers claimed he said the N-word.

The video surfaced online during the first week of January.

The NewSpring Church, which he pastors in South Carolina, told that Pastor Noble did not use the N-word and that his words got jumbled.

Now, the Friendly Atheist reports that Pastor Noble recently issued an apology to people who "felt" offended, but never admitted to using the N-word (video below).

"If you watched through the video, it looks like I said the N-word, let me promise you something," said Pastor Noble. "That’s not the word that was in my heart. My words got jumbled. It’s not the word that was in my heart, it's not the word that I wanted to come out of my mouth, it's not the word that I declared from this stage."

Pastor Noble then explained how he supported racial reconciliation.

"Let me say this, if you watched that and you felt like I said that word and you were offended by that, I am deeply sorry," added Pastor Noble. "Please know that’s not what was in my heart, and that’s all we are gonna say about that, and we’re gonna move on because we’ve got people to reach for Jesus, Amen."

Pastor Noble wrote a blog posting entitled "Not Afraid to Take A Hit" days after the controversial video was uploaded to the web:

"I began to think about being a pastor, and the more I reflect on it the more I believe that the most effective pastors are the ones who are not afraid to take a hit."

"Pastors, you are going to take hits—period."

"You are going to have people misquote you, misrepresent you and try to get others to hate you."

"...You will NEVER please everyone. You will ALWAYS say something that offends people. You will fall short of people’s expectations over and over and over again—and they will tell you (and other’s) about it."

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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