Megachurch Pastor Predicts Auschwitz-Type Tours of Women’s Clinics (Video)

Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego, Calif., recently predicted that Americans would tour women’s clinics when abortion is banned and the clinics would look like Nazi concentration camps after World War II.

During an interview on The Daily Caller, Pastor Garlow claimed President Obama is responsible for “morally and economically destroying a wonderful experiment called America” (video below).

However, in reality, unemployment is down and the stock market has hit all-time highs under President Obama, noted Forbes.

According to RawStory.com, Pastor Garlow also claimed President Obama has "done more to harm life, and to harm the institution of marriage and the family than any other president."

“People point out that he has a model marriage, and he’s a wonderful father," said Pastor Garlow "He may well be, and if so, I applaud that. But when he came out on that occasion opposing traditional marriage, one man - one woman, he did a catastrophic blow to America.”

President Obama has never opposed the traditional marriage of one man - one woman, but also supports the same rights for gay people to get married. Also, President Obama's support of gay marriage has not legalized it.

Pastor Garlow then patted himself on the back for opposing abortion.

“History is going to be very kind to those of us who stood for babies in the womb because the evidence is swinging so far in our direction,” added Pastor Garlow. “I hate to think how people are going to be cast by history itself when they realize."

Pastor Garlow then compared Nazi concentration camps to women's health clinics, which he called "the killing centers of America."

 “Sometime there are going to be tours in the future through abortuaries, the killing centers of America, and say, ‘Where was the church? Where were you grandpa when this was going on? Were you silent?’" stated Pastor Garlow.

Sources: Forbes, RawStory.com, The Daily Caller


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