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Megachurch Pastor Criticized For Texas Longhorns Sign (Photo)

Pastor Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Houston was recently under fire for making the "Hook 'em Horns" hand sign at the University of Texas at Austin during his son Jonathan's graduation on May 20.

Joel's wife, Victoria, also did the Longhorns football gesture with her son on Twitter, reported The Christian Post.

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But the hand gesture is also known to older rock fans and others as the sign of the devil, which several people scolded the Osteens for on Twitter, noted the Austin American-Statesman:

What symbolic signs are u showing the world? Congratulations for belonging to the or what? Pls Victoria kindly explain.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Please explain why you u used that sign [Joel Osteen],[Victoria Osteen] we seem not to understand.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] ..Joel showing the sign of the devil is bad enough, you too Victoria.. unbelievable, what are you thinking??

[Joel Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] The sign sir... I honor you but that hand gesture sent a very bad signal sir.!!!! Can't believe it's you.

[Joel Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Why on Earth would you use the devil sign? My goodness a thumbs up would work or you don't have thumbs??

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Yea what's with the Satanist hex.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] [Victoria Osteen] why that sign, really your teachings have uplifted us but that sign makes me concerned and worried.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Pst Joel I read and share your devotions with my family, very fond of you but you should've be sensitive to that sign, to christ its wrong.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Is it just me is anybody else troubled by hand gestures.

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Doing horns?! Even though is UT, that symbol ain't good! Thats devil's symbol!

The Osteens also got many positive tweets:

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] As a proud UT Austin grad, HOOK 'EM HORNS!!

[Victoria Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] That makes the two of us for graduating. I'm proud of you, Jonathan. I graduated from College of DuPage, last night, too. Good luck to us!

[Joel Osteen ] [Jonathan Osteen] People are going to take this picture completely out of context with the hand gestures smh. God bless you [Jonathan Osteen]. Congratulations!

[Joel Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] I am from Tanzania and I know this is a U of Texas Longhorns why are people so ignorant? Congrats Jonathan!

[Joel Osteen ] [Jonathan Osteen] Congrats! I keep thinking Jonathan is only 16, lol! I get the hand sign, ignore the haters!

[Joel Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Congratulations, being the best among the good. Thanks to God and your parents, they play a big role until your graduation. GodBlessU.

[Joel Osteen] [Jonathan Osteen] Such a great feeling when your kids graduate from college. Awesome accomplishment! Your dad would be proud too!!!

Sources: Austin American-Statesman, The Christian Post / Photo credit: RobertMWorsham/Wikimedia, Joel Osteen/Twitter via The Christian Post

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