Megachurch Lectures on Finances, But Questions Surround Its Own (Video)


Mars Hill Church, a megachurch in Seattle, Washington, has made headlines for over year, from holding demon trials for depressed people to paying $200,000 to an outside marketing firm to buy Pastor Mark Driscoll's books in order to push him up on the bestseller lists.

Pastor Driscoll recently interviewed Mars Hill Church teacher Pastor Dave Bruskas who claimed that men without an affectionate father-son relationship have problems with "money, sex and power," notes The Christian Post.

"A lot of dads have not prepared their boys to go out in the world where at least in our economy, we have a shrinking number of jobs that will really allow a man to provide for his family," Pastor Bruskas stated.

While well-intentioned, Pastor Bruskas did not mention why mothers could not provide the same training for sons.

Another topic not touched on by Pastor Bruskas and Pastor Driscoll is where the contributions to the Mars Hill Church global fund are going.

Psychologist and blogger Warren Throckmorton recently noted that some video ads (below) asking for donations for the Mars Hill Church "global fund" spotlight Ethiopia and overseas churches.

However, it might surprise some people who contribute to the "global" fund that a percentage of that money goes to planting Mars Hill churches in the United States, which does not seem to be clear in the ads.

The Mars Hill Church website's FAQ page does say that the global fund goes to churches in the U.S., India and Ethiopia, but admits there has been "confusion":

If you gave previously and were intending that your gifts would be used solely for international efforts, we sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by a lack of clarity on our part.

If you still want your previous gift(s) to be directed to our international work, please email and we will make sure that your previous gift(s) will be used to support making disciples and planting churches specifically in Ethiopia, where we are currently supporting 40 evangelists, or in India, where we support 33 church planters.

From July 2014, we have clearly communicated that donations to Mars Hill Global go to making disciples and planting churches in the United States, Ethiopia, India and wherever else around the globe Jesus calls us into his mission.

In response, Throckmorton asks, "How much money was actually spent on Ethiopian and Indian evangelists between 2012 and 2014?" and "How many former/current members who donated to Global are going to be cruising the Mars Hill website and stumble on the Global FAQs?"

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