Mega-Church Pastor Says No Debate on Abortion, Gay Marriage (Video)

Dallas mega-church Pastor Robert Jeffress spoke at the “Washington: A Man of Prayer” event yesterday and informed his audience that some issues could not be debated.

The conservative event, hosted by Fox News host Mike Huckabee, was supposed to celebrate the 225th anniversary of President George Washington’s inaugural address, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

The speakers didn't mention that President Washington was a slave owner and signed several pro-slavery laws while in office.

Instead, Pastor Jeffress proclaimed, "George Washington understood that there are eternal rules of order and right that God Himself has established.”

“In this Capitol building, issues such as immigration policy, healthcare reform, taxation policy, all those things can and should be debated vigorously," added Pastor Jeffress. "But there are some issues that are beyond debate, for the judge of the universe has already rendered His opinion.”

"Issues such as the value of life inside and outside the womb, the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, the right to religious freedom for every human being, the compassionate treatment of the poor, about these issues there should be no debate."

According to RawStory.com, Pastor Jeffress complained later in his speech, "For we have departed from the spirit of the Christian religion. We have turned away from those eternal rules of order and right about which Washington spoke. My prayer is that tonight’s prayer service might be that desperately needed change in the moral direction of our country.”

Sources: RawStory.com and RightWingWatch.org


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