Media Research Center Claims 'Glee' TV show is "Mocking the Bible"


The Media Research Center’s Paul Wilson slammed the Fox TV show 'Glee' for leading a “campaign against traditional sexual morality” and “mocking the Bible.” 

Wilson claims that in the last episode of 'Glee' the “gay lifestyle was pushed on viewers” and the show is fully committed to “pushing homosexual propaganda on its viewers."

Wlison wrote:

The TV musical “Glee” has a long history of pushing the envelope on sexual matters and promoting the homosexual lifestyle. The Valentine’s Day episode of Glee, titled “Heart,” marked a new low in Glee’s campaign against traditional sexual morality, by mocking the Bible.

A lesbian student, Santana asked a group of Christians called the “God Squad” to sing for her girlfriend as part of a “singing telegram” performance. The idea didn’t sit well with a new homeschooled student, who conveniently fit all the stereotypes liberals have of homeschoolers (the unsocialized, barefoot son of a Bible salesman who listens to talk radio but doesn’t own a TV). His reluctance sparked a conversation among the so-called “God Squad” about the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality.

The students of the “God Squad” claimed to respect his decision – and then mocked the Bible’s relevance on homosexuality.


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