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Buddhist Monk Venerable Nhem Kimteng Caught Up In Sex Scandal, Lawsuit

A Massachusetts woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that a film of her having sex with a Buddhist monk was taped and distributed without her consent. Maya Men, of Lowell, Mass., is suing five men, including Venerable Nhem Kimteng, the Buddhist monk she is seen having sex with on the tape.

Men’s attorney, James Boumil, says that filming without consent is a violation of Massachusetts state law and called it “an extremely serious invasion of privacy.”

It is believed that Kimteng and Men had consensual sex at the Trairatanaram Temple in North Chelmsford. Even though monks are expected to remain celibate, that apparently was not the case in this circumstance, the Inquisitr reported.

Men "has been held up to her relevant community as an individual who should be shunned and scorned, called a thief, and referred to by a plethora of pejorative terms," according to her lawsuit.

She is seeking a restraining order against Kimteng and the other people named in the lawsuit. Men also wants funding to locate and get rid of all of the remaining copies of the sex tape. She is also seeking punitive damages. According to the victim, she has “has suffered in body and mind” and has been shunned by numerous members of her community.

The Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks is in the midst of an effort to build a $10 million temple. The expensive shrine is already a source of tension in the community, and the lawsuit has only caused more stress.

A protest was held during which community members held up signs with the word “sex” crossed out and chanted.

Sources: Inquisitr, ABC News


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