Matthew Shepard Murder a 'Complete Fraud' Claims Christian Radio Host Sandy Rios (Video)


American Family Association talk show host Sandy Rios told the Values Voter Summit on Friday in Washington, D.C. that the Matthew Shepard murder was a “complete fraud.”

Rios cited author Stephen Jimenez’s controversial new book about the Shepard murder to claim that the gay young man's murder was simply a “drug deal gone bad,” notes (video below).

However, Jimenez’s new book, “The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shepard,” is rife with anonymous sources and questionable recollections about the 1998 murder.


Anonymous or simply unreliable sources are at the heart of Jimenez’s effort to de-gay Shepard’s murder. An anonymous “Wyoming law enforcement official” told him that “Shepard's murder had nothing to do with his sexual preferences.”

Thomas “Doc” O'Connor, a Laramie chauffeur and operator of the Lincoln Escort Service ... told Jimenez that one night, McKinney and two other men were fooling around in the back seat of his limousine, and that “Matt may have been one of the guys in back [of the limo] with Aaron ... I can’t say for sure.”

“And the story was that they murdered [Shepard] because he was gay and he became a martyr for the gay movement ... except, wait a second, it wasn’t true,” claimed Rios. “We know now because a book that just came out last week written by a gay author Stephen Jimenez.”

“And now we know the story was a complete fraud,” said Rios.

She then contradicted herself by asserting some facts were true.

“Matthew Shepard was gay,” claimed Rios. “Matthew Shepard was murdered by these two boys, but it was a drug deal gone bad.”

She was also upset that some schools put on a play about the murder, “The Laramie Project,” to teach tolerance to students.

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