Martin Luther College Creationists Stop ‘Inherit the Wind’ Play

The New Ulm Actors Community Theater's production of “Inherit the Wind” has been cancelled because of the objections of creationists.

The community theater group was supposed to cast and rehearse, but not perform, their play on the campus of Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minn.

The 1955 play is about the 1925 trial of teacher John Scopes, who was convicted of violating a law against teaching evolution in a public school.

In a case of history repeating itself, with a twist, several college professors objected to the play after seeing posters advertising the play's auditions, noted The Journal.

Martin Luther College is run by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which teaches that the Bible is a literal account of creation.

Jeffrey Schone, Martin Luther College's VP of Student Life, defended the censorship because it might shake the faith of school employees.

"We felt it was not compatible with what [the school] teaches the Bible says about the universe and the world. This is a ministerial school. People employing our students need confidence about their views," said Schone.

Ironically, Martin Luther, whom the school is named after, was the founder of the protestant movement and fought against the heavy-handed censorship of the Catholic Church.

Auditions were moved to another location, but the Martin Luther College student, Zach Stowe, who was directing the play, resigned because of numerous emails and letters objecting to his involvement.

Stowe said he feared consequences from Martin Luther College administrators if he did not quit.

Six cast members also dropped out for similar reasons.

Source: The Journal


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