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Maricopa Community College Charging People For Sharing Religious Faith

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has asked a federal court to halt a Maricopa Community College policy (in Arizona) that requires private individuals and groups to pay a minimum $50 fee, pay for insurance, and submit a request form and proof of insurance at least 14 days prior to visiting a campus.

The lawsuit came about after Mesa, Arizona resident Ryan Arneson was unable to express his Christian beliefs on the campus of South Mountain Community College because of the college system’s requirements.

In a press release, ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Jonathan Scruggs said: “Free speech is protected by the First Amendment, which means it can’t come with a price tag and a burdensome waiting period. The courts have routinely ruled policies like this one unconstitutional. Christians visiting public college campuses shouldn’t be deterred from expressing their beliefs because of cumbersome, unconstitutional policies.”

The motion for preliminary injunction filed Tuesday asks the court to suspend the policy while the lawsuit moves forward.


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