March of Theocracy in America is Never Ending


A conservative on talk radio deplored "god" being kicked out of the public schools. She then, within 10 seconds, stated that schools should focus on academics, instead of things such as sexual education.

Hmmm, she seemed not to notice that both statements completely contradicted each other. If children wish to pray, that is their right. What is not allowed is the government -- be it through a school administrator, school board or teacher -- organizing prayers.

One of the great myths furthered by the Christian right-wing is that students don't have the right to engage in religious worship, such as prayer, in schools. Yes, there are cases where their rights have been violated, but in the end courts uphold their rights against such violations.

So if the schools should focus purely on such academic things as reading, writing, math etc., and not sex education, than why biblical education? Ah, because some people think it is a legitimate purpose of government for it to tell the children of non-believers that their own religion (the dominant one in society) is true and should be believed and worshiped.

The march of the theocrats is never ending, and so I and others who care about keeping the government and religion separate, is never ending also.


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